School Visits

A day with Paul usually starts with a whole school assembly, in which Paul reads out or 'performs' his poetry and/or his story excerpts. 
This is the followed by class workshops throughout the day, including the use of puppets in early years classrooms. Children are often left with an idea of how to write their own poems or character or setting descriptions, depending on the focus of Paul's visit.
Two day visits include writing activities in every class, culminating in a whole school assembly,during which selected children proudly read out their creative writing. Parents and governors are often invited to this assembly too.
'I try to create a memorable day for the children especially,'  Paul says. 'And the emphasis has to be on having fun too - it must be fun to create your own creative writing! That's why writers can sit for hours and hours. So that's when we get BIG results! I've heard teachers say this many times: 'I'm amazed at so and so. He never produces anything but you've somehow unlocked a door or something in his head and just look at what he's written!'
WOW! Powerful stuff indeed...'

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What the children say..  

"I've started wrting my own poems now!"
"I bought his poetry book - it was awesome!"
"I love all the different voices that Paul uses!"
"He's really funny. In fact, he's epic!"
"The day was fun and informative because of the advice that we got on how to write our own stories and poems. The humour and excitement added to the fun and I would definitely want him to come in again!"
"He must be clever, he plays the Piano as well!"
"An amazing experience!"

What the teachers say...  

"The school's children couldn't wait to write their own poems after Paul's assembly. He was so entertaining and inspiring, demonstrating and sharing insights into the writing process as well as material that really hits the spot for both primary and secondary aged childeren!"
(Michael Cain Primary Literacy Consultant, StHelens MBC)

"Paul Delaney visited our school. He was inspirational! He read excerpts from his books and the children were enthralled!"
(St.Bedes Catholic Primary School, Widnes, Cheshire)

"The whole visit was wonderful! The children really enjoyed the interaction with Paul's puppets. They wanted him to stay all day!"
(Holy Family & St.Michaels Catholic Primary School, West Yorkshire)

"Paul captured the children's (and teachers!) full attention with his well written, lively texts, which he shared when spending the day with us.
His enthusiasm and humorous delivery certainly rubbed off on the children too. They not only wanted to read but were also desperate to start their own writing too! Thank you Paul."
(Bleak Hill Primary School, St.Helens, Merseyside)

"The children loved Paul's different voices as he read out story excerpts and performed his hilarious poems. They were falling about laughing!"
(St.Nicholas Catholic Primary School, Liverpool)

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